Fight Back!

Fight Back!Have you been hit hard by the recession? Are you finding that your margin of error in managing your business is gone? Never before has it been more important to fully understand and manage your business by the numbers. Accounting is the language of business. It’s not enough to do the work anymore, especially when the quantity of work may be down. It is critical to fight back by cornering your expenses and profitability.

With a great accountant in your corner (Cut me, Mick!), you too can be a champ. As in any good fight, it’s about being strong on the fundamentals, keeping your guard up, keeping your feet moving, and knowing when to punch. We have helped many other small businesses stand toe-to-toe with the toughest economic challenges. Let us train you for your main event, so you can be the contender you were meant to be. We will get your numbers in order so you can more clearly see the opportunities in your business to book more income and to cut unprofitable expenses. We’ll break it down for you by customer, by product, by employee, by department, by geography, by ad source, and any other way you need it to pinpoint poor performing components of your business, and realocate resources to the high performing components. We’ll cut unnecessary expenses due to late fees, penalties, and interest. We’ll make your business a lean, mean, money machine.

Contact us today to get your business up off the mat, back in the fight, and dominating your competition. Ask about our complementary business benchmarking report that will show you exactly how you’re doing overall and specifically in regard to similar businesses of the same size in your industry nationwide. This is regularly a $300 consultation.


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